All about Pocket Spring Mattress

A spring pocket mattress consists of single springs of pockets. Every pocket spring is inside its pocket of fabric. Each spring reacts simply to the pressure applied to it, working independently of each other. This gives each person who is sleeping on the mattress more personalized support and response. For more information, visit

Unlike more traditional open bowl mattresses, the pocket springs do not move as a complete unit. This prevents “roll-all” and limits movement transfer to adjacent mattress sections. As a result, every pocket spring works to support your body correctly. For this reason, a pocket jump mattress is quite useful when:

  • You and your companion have various weights
  • You tend to throw and turn all night long.


No Transfer of Movement

Each pocket spring is independently supported and reacts to the pressure given, rather than dispersing body weight throughout the coated surface. It helps minimize your partner’s feelings and so fosters a restful evening of sleep.

Consistent Solidity

Because every pocket spring is contained in its sleeve, it is always tensed. This gives the mattress an identical degree of firmness.

Support for The Entire Body

The pocket jumping mattress is considered a more premium sort of jumping pattern because it offers steady, entire support to the body. We provide a wide choice of pocket spring mattresses and firmness ratings so you can decide the ideal support level you need.

Relief of Pressure

Because pocket jumping mattresses act independently, they support your body weight to a more significant degree than an open coil jumping system (also known as standard sprung). As a result, you can feel relaxed and comfy while sleeping, which decreases the chance of building up pressure points.

What Is Pocket Spring Count?

The number of pocket springs in the mattress is the count of pocket springs. We have mattresses in a wide range of pocket spring numbers – from 600 to 6000 pocket springs!

For convenience, pocket spring counts are always based on the number of pocket springs in a king-size mattress. When you select a mattress with 2000 pocket springs, the total amount of pocket springs in this type of king, this type will have proportionately more and more miniature pocket fountains of super-size or single-size mattresses.

Are More Pocket Springs Better?

Pocket springs contribute to your mattress’s amount of support and stiffness. Furthermore, the tension (also known as the “gauge”) of the springs contributes to determining the total strength of the mattress. However, it is vital to remember that only one aspect of the mattress is composed of pocket springs. The comfort layers, such as the memory foam and natural fillings, also influence your mattress feel overall.

More pocket springs don’t usually make your mattress easier or firmer. Instead, more significant pocket density supports your body weight through more springs and gives your motions a more considerable reactivity as you sleep.

Is Pocket Spring Mattress Good for Back?

If you suffer from a bad back, a pocket jumping mattress can be a suitable solution. As each pocket spring reacts individually to the body’s weight, this potentially contributes to a more effective backbone alignment than the open coil mattress. Factors like overall mattress firmness, the orthopedic content of the mattress, and the comfort of the coatings must also be taken into account—all of this help to provide the right level of support and backup that you require.